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The SECRETS to ENJOYING the wedding planning , the ceremony, and the marriage instead of STRESSING over them

In This Zen Video Masterclass You’ll Discover…

  • How to MASTER the ART of juggling various vendors and a never ending to-do list and still remain a ZEN BRIDE instead of FALLING into the TRAP of becoming a BRIDEZILLA.
  • DISCOVER the ONE thing that is the MAIN stressor that you CAN control and the REAL reason for your STRESS – HINT: It is NOT the wedding planner, the venue coordinator, the cake supplier or ANY of the other vendors.
  • Why the thought of ELOPING is the WRONG solution for when feel frustrated with trying to BALANCE your own desires with your fiancé, family and future in-laws’ expectations of your BIG day and how there is a BETTER way to design your DREAM wedding to satisfy EVERYONE.
  • The TOP secret of how to RADIATE beauty and confidence on your SPECIAL day – without WORRYING about your dress fitting properly, having a bad hair day or last minute breakouts.
  • The REAL reason why brides feel SO overwhelmed while planning ALL of the details and how a SHIFT from NEGATIVE, FEARFUL thinking into POSITIVE, LOVING action can not only create your PERFECT ceremony, but also a LIFELONG marriage.
  • And, how to do ALL of this while remaining completely ZEN, so that your wedding day is EVERYTHING you have ever dreamed of!

“Christie has a magic of her own.”



Christie Ann Rochette

Chief Empowerment Officer

I am an accredited Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, a 500 hour certified Yoga Instructor, and a qualified Human Behavioral Consultant. My main focus is on living a preventative lifestyle with healing modalities from holistic health approaches, including both Yoga and Ayurveda, amongst other therapeutic methods, such as Aromatherapy. I have a natural desire to help others. I enjoy sharing my passion with those who are interested in empowering themselves by reclaiming their own individual health. And I love LOVE!

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